Lisa Molix


Lisa Molix, Ph.D., is an associate professor of psychology at Tulane University. Her research examines overall well-being among members of marginalized groups, intergroup relations and the intersections between these areas–namely preventing and reducing social disparities.

Social Identity Matters: Examining the relationship between marginalized social identities and wellness

Encountering prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination can be conceptualized as intergroup stressors. Although a great deal of research suggests that other types of stressors, including daily hassles (e.g., feeling lonely, argument with a significant other), major life events (e.g., diagnosis with illness, divorce), and community disasters (e.g., flooding, chemical spills) have negative implications for overall wellness, much less research has examined how and why intergroup stressors may uniquely contribute to less positive overall physical and psychological wellness. In this talk I will describe work that aims to bridge this gap by systematically examining the role of social identities. Research suggests that many factors contribute to health disparities including social group memberships. Much less research has focused how and why identifying with particular social group may influence health and well-being. This talk will review theory and research in these areas with a focus on human thriving.

Lisa Molix’s website can be found here.