Carolyn Pope Edwards


Carolyn Pope Edwards, Ed.D, is Cather Professor Emeritus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Beginning with research in East Africa, she has studied cultural influences on child development and parent-child interactions in several countries, including Italy, China, Kenya, Norway, and Mexico. She is part of research projects at the University of Nebraska evaluate and improve the quality of children’s services, strengthen home-school relationships, help young children get ready for school, and improve mathematics education throughout the state. With Beatrice Whiting, she published Ngecha: A Kenyan Village in a Time of Rapid Social Change (2004) and Children of Different Worlds: The Formation of Social Behavior (1988). She is also author or editor of books, articles, and chapters on early childhood education and the cultural, social, moral, and emotional contexts of child development.

Early Contexts of Learning: Interdisciplinary Reflections on Infant/Toddler Socialization

The contexts of early learning and socialization are diverse and complex but not without some predictability. It is the tension between the poles of predictability and variation, and of opportunity versus constraint, that fascinates researchers interested in childhood and culture. This presentation draws on selected studies at the intersection of anthropology, psychology, and education to compare developmental niches and better understand how appropriate settings can be provided to very young children not only by parents but also by siblings, grandparents, extended kin, foster families, early childhood centers, and welfare institutions.

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