Explore the Mind-Body Connection

Discover the science behind conflict and the brain, why we act and react the way we do, and how to maintain the best balance to keep ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

Ministerial Address

We're delighted that Kevin Stewart, Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care, will deliver the conference's keynote speech. Before his election to the Scottish Parliament, he was previously the Depute Leader of Aberdeen City Council and served as a local councillor for more than eleven years. Kevin has served in the Scottish Parliament as the member for Aberdeen Central since 2011. He was previously the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning.

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Glasgow Science Centre

#MonkeyVsLizard #KeepTheHeid

Monkey Vs Lizard & Keep The Heid and The Circus of Life

What kind of brain are you? The reactive Lizard, or the reflective Monkey? Monkey Vs Lizard dives into humanity's evolutionary past to discover why we act like we do today. Then we take a trip to the circus - the Circus of Life, where we explore what happens under your lid. Does your heid hide a mighty lion tamer, contortionist, or an acrobat?

We have fun quizzes to try. Take the Monkey Vs Lizard quiz here and Keep the Heid's here.

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Glasgow Science Centre


The Three Brains

The Three Brains explores the importance of the mind-body connection, which is how our head, heart and gut work together to process how we react to the world around us. To bring The Three Brains to life, each of the ‘brains’ – actual brain, heart and gut – are transformed into and personified as members of a rock band. The Three Brains brings together music, science, film, and illustrations for a quirky, entertaining look at emotional regulation and wellbeing.

Meet the Band! Take the Three Brains quiz here.

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Glasgow Science Centre

Who & What’s Inside Your Head?

Neuroscientist Professor Judith Pratt is SCCR's scientific advisor, and she joins us at the Young Persons Conference to tell us more about the science of the mind-body connection. Learn how the brain, heart and gut ‘talk’ to each other using electrical signals and chemical messengers called neurotransmitters, which travel between your three 'brains' using the vagus nerve.

Learn more about the science behind The Three Brains here

The Neurodome (Floor 1)


Glasgow Science Centre

The SCCR is delighted... welcome to the Glasgow Science Centre a diverse selection of schools and services. One hundred young people from around Scotland will arrive at the GSC on Tuesday, 1 November, to learn more about the science of conflict. The young people range in ages from 14 to 25, plus 20 supporting adults. They'll be joining us from:

  • Central Carers (Falkirk & Clackmannanshire Carers Centre), Falkirk
  • Smithycroft Secondary School, Glasgow
  • Levenmouth Academy, Fife
  • Beeslack Community High School, Midlothian
  • Oban High School, Argyll and Bute
  • Quarriers North West Carer Centre, Glasgow
  • Adoption UK (Scotland), Edinburgh
  • Fast Forward, Edinburgh
  • Inveralmond Community High School, West Lothian
  • Saint Matthew's Academy, North Ayrshire
  • The Speech and Language Communication Company, Dundee
  • Dumfermlne High School, Fife
  • Bell Baxter High School, Fife

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A welcome and a thank you

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