Conflict arises when there are disagreements over views or unmet needs. It may not be avoidable; dealing with conflict badly is, though. The SCCR’s training options boost relationships by improving understanding of conflict and emotional needs.

We provide training for the following groups

Young people

Sometimes family life feels designed to make you mad or sad. The SCCR can show you how to lower the temperature during arguments and how to bounce back after upsets.

Professionals & Practitioners

We provide professionals with research-led resources to teach families ways in which to resolve conflict within the home.

Parents and Carers

Tough as family life can be, help is available. Our training allows parents and carers to better manage the different phases young people growing up go through.

Hacked Off Hacks: Breathe

When you feel overwhelmed, your mind and body are disconnected. Breathing helps them synch and restore calm. This short video shows a simple breathing exercise.

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Hacked Off Hacks: Tap

Try our ‘hacked off hacks’ when you’re angry, anxious or stressed. This short video shares simple exercises you can try when feeling bad.

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Hacked-off Hack: Walk

Walking is good for balance, exercise and mental health. This short video shows a simple walking exercise. Learn how to pace yourself in more ways than one.

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The SCCR offers free conflict resolution training. In this short film, our trainer Duncan Gordon explains what anyone - be they a young person, parent and carer, or professional - can expect.

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