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If you're a parent or carer experiencing conflict at home, we're here for you.

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Did you know 38% of parents/carers did not know of any relevant support services in their area.

I felt really deflated and kinda not able to cope; [I] didn’t think I could cope as a parent and [I felt] a bit sort of overwhelmed and I just didn’t really know what to do.


Our mediator taught us to stay calmer when things were getting really bad – to walk away, take some time out, come back and y’know talk later on.


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Talking About Conflict

My conflict experience, young people and their parents
Sam and Kerry’s story
Kerry’s story

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    Conflict can arise when there are disagreements over: views, values or actions and interests or needs are not being met. Conflict can also be an opportunity for change. The SCCR offers a range of conflict resolution training options.

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